Sunday, November 25, 2012

puzzle party

puzzle party at our house (byop -bring your own puzzle). 

clean up time!
four days later and i am still finding pieces around the house.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

who is that kid

waiting for auntie at the airport a few weeks ago.."do you think she will recognize me?"
no colton, she won't recognize the little boy standing next to three boys about the same size.

Monday, November 19, 2012

kids say the cutest things

of course i love all my boys! but it brings a smile to my face when clayton yells out the window..."have a great day mommy! try to be a good teacher today!" 

Sunday, November 18, 2012

twins 5th birthday

colton and landon

even though the boys' birthday was 10 days ago we finally celebrated their birthday. the theme was superheros! since all superheros deserve parachutes, sparklers, and fireworks ... that is just what we did!

parachute fireworks - shot up in the air thirty feet and came down as spinner - coolest thing ever!

 wow! five years! in the time it took for them to turn five they will be ten.. ekkk!!!

Monday, November 12, 2012

little boys and spiderman

landon, clayton, colton, lincoln 

three boys wearing spiderman shirts...and lincoln. always the man with his own mind, right? not this time. 

we only own three spiderman shirts to share among four boys. lincoln had one on this morning - before landon declared that he wasn't going to wear a "regular shirt" (of course as we were getting into the car). drew in all his wisdom paid lincoln 25 cents to give his shirt to landon. good parenting, i don't know... but we got to work on time. 

in this video, landon is clearly happy about his shirt.  

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


3 super boys and . . . a dragon

i overheard some teenager say my boys' homemade costume were "so boss!" i guess that means he thinks they are cool!

clayton checking out the goods

landon waiting for daddy to open his one piece of candy before bed

mommy checking out the goods

the boys went to bed having sweet dreams about their candy. i know this because i heard lincoln talking to his lovies about his goodies. 
little do they know that they will probably never eat a fifth of that candy. what to do with it? (those reese's sure look tastey)

Saturday, October 27, 2012

pumpkin picking with twins

it's that time of the year again! every year i insist that we go to the same pumpkin patch to purchase a pumpkin and take a picture. drew said it would be cheaper to go to the grocery store and buy one there ... but that's not as fun. ..and it isn't really a pumpkin's a church that sets up and area to look like a pumpkin patch. 
it's hard having traditions in the land that doesn't get autumn breezes and the leaves don't change color. . . 
Landon, Clayton, Colton, Lincoln

Monday, October 22, 2012

birthday boys

we celebrated our baby twins 4th birthday over the weekend. 
drew is awesome! every year for the twins' birthday he creates their cake. since Lincoln is obsessed with dragons - he aspires to be one when he grows up, drew created a fire breathing dragon for clayton and lincoln's 4th birthday. 

Sunday, September 30, 2012

five years and four preschoolers

Five years ago today I was pregnant with twins. This meant that I had little time before I would become a mom.

Four years ago today I had two 11 month olds in my arms and two babies in my tummy. This meant little room to breath.

Three years ago today I had four babies in diapers. This meant little room in my smelly garbage can.

Two years ago today I had four toddlers
vying for my attention and trying to cuddle at the same time. This meant little space on the couch cushion.

One year ago today I had four little boys whining and bickering every ten minutes or so. This meant little time for peace.

 Today they don't need me to carry them, they all use the potty, my garbage can doesn't smell, they are often too busy to cuddle, we don't all fit comfortably on the couch, and they are all best friends.

Landon, Lincoln, Colton, and Clayton

Monday, September 3, 2012

blogging is time consuming

wow! it's been a while since my last post. i could say that we've been busy, but in reality I just didn't find the time.
we spent an amazing summer in RI with my family. we we got back i had to right back to work. the older boys started VPK...sniff..sniff.

again, i'll say, "where does the time go?"

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

kids questions about god

found on google images: but come from the book children's letters to God      

last summer while in the car landon told me he saw God in the clouds. i asked him if Jesus was with him. landon's responded, "no, he wasn't there. . . .i think he was at work."

another time clayton’s balloon slipped through his hands. of course he was crying. colton shouted, “tell god to give clayton back his balloon!” later he asked, “why does god want clayton’s balloon, is he having a party?” 

how do you explain god to kids? or rather, how do i? i am the last person to ask. i grew up a non-practicing catholic.. you know the type. the type that only went to church for palm Sunday and easter sunday. we didn’t even go Christmas eve.. yeah, i went to catechism, but all i remember learning is everyone is a sinner, jesus died for us, and nuns and priests don’t marry. 


the questions are becoming more thoughtful, and the answers are getting more tricky

to be continued…

Thursday, June 28, 2012

kids do grow up

landon and colton

having just two kids to tote around is a breeze. today i took colton and landon to the park. not only did we get wet, but we also played a game of hid and go seek… colton is an awesome finder.

colton: mommy, i want to be little forever!”
me: how come?                             

colton: because it is more fun being little than being big.
picture taken by colton

what a wise boy.. being an adult can sometimes suck.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

four year old: how babies are born

clayton and lincoln 2008

landon informed me today how babies are born...
mommy: your mouth isn't very big.. i must have been really small.
he thinks a mother vomits out a baby.

gee, i wonder how big a mother's mouth would have to stretch for triplets? 

Saturday, June 23, 2012

kids and a rainy day

does the rain put anyone else is a dull mood? yesterday it rained all day, and i really did not feel like doing a thing. a lazy day is what was in store for me – or so I that is what i wanted.  

the boys were all getting restless. no one was getting along, and to be honest i just wasn’t on my “A” game. playing candyland 6 times in a row wasn’t on the top of my list of fun. 

we made a fort in their room – well I made it, and they watched. i thought it came out pretty good. as soon as I left the room, they “fixed” it. i swear i wasn’t offended, but mine was better.

baking  was fun, but messy.

some of the boys went outside with their rubber boots and raincoats to play.. five minutes later they were covered in dirt and had enough “fun.”

after telling them for the zillionth time to stop jumping on the couch, i took them to the…. mall playground. 
I was there with the rest of the town to play in the indoor playground. as my boys ran around like wild monkeys, i looked around at all the faces of the other parents. some were on their phones, and some were yelling at their kids to play nice. but most were just sitting with blank stares. what were they all thinking about?

Friday, June 22, 2012

beach day with mommy

waiting for the shuttle

when will it get here

i took the boys to the beach the other day and even though the people next to us did not speak english the pointing and hearing word quadruplets repeatedly throughout the day let me know we were definitely the topic of discussion.

one woman approached us after observing us for a good part of the day. she found her chance when i was in the water. after chatting for some time – she told me that she was impressed on how well the boys were behaved and how well i handled them. 
apparently she did not see the way they behaved at the grocery store the other day and how poorly i handled them then…lol. i am almost sure the cashier had a few comments after i walked out the door. 





Thursday, June 21, 2012

raising twins x2

why is it that everywhere i go with the four boys alone i feel like people are watching me? oh, that is because i am being watched.

i know it is pretty cool that they are all boys, who cares if it runs in the family – it certainly does now, and no i didn’t use fertility treatments (what’s that have to do with anything?), they are 11 months apart, no, they are not identical, it can be a handful, i am a busy lady – but i love every minute of it (i answer these questions every time we go in public). and oh yeah, god bless me. that is what people say when they don’t know what to say – god bless you. (if only i had a quarter for every time i heard that. i could afford to stay home with my kids).

don’t get me wrong, i know that people are just interested – and the boys can be so darn stinking cute. i appreciate the kind remarks. it just makes a stressful situation more stressful when the kids are acting up  and i know i am being watched. people want to see how the lady with four young boys are going to handle the situation.

i have even had strangers come up to me that have seen me other places and remark how big they are getting, or “i think of you every time i find my child difficult – you have it times four.”

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

taking kids to the theater

sitting with a stranger took a little convincing - clayton and lincoln don't even like santa claus

last weekend the boys had a new experience. we went to the theater to see the production of click, clack, moo by the naples players. even though the naples daily news panned it, we decided to give it a try – especially since we got the tickets for FREE. free is always good, isn’t it?

the boys loved the show and were very well-behaved and engaged. (i can’t say the same for all the parents in the audience – one mother, sitting in the front row played on her phone the whole time – maybe it was a good game of angry birds). clayton announced afterwards that he is going to be in the theater when he grows up.

at one point the actors started spraying silly string at the audience. i was praying my kids wouldn’t get sprayed – some of them can be a little weird about that kind of thing. well my prayer was half granted. two of the boys got it all of them – colton and lincoln. i looked at colton and he looked as if he was going to cry. landon yelled out so everyone in the audience could hear, “that wasn’t nice!!!!”

i respond with, “wasn’t that funny.”

lincoln and colton did not share this humor – but no one cried and they got over it quickly.

next, water gun popped out. luckily we did not get sprayed with water too.

lincoln: “they must have gotten all their smileys!” (see:smiley chart )

towards the end some of the boys got to go on staged and dressed up as pigs for a scene. super cute!

what i like about the naples players is that all the actors are volunteers. everyone on stage is performing during their free time. that’s pretty cool.