Sunday, April 29, 2012

best homemade play doh

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here is a recipe for homemade playdoh that a co-worker gave. i have tried so many, and was unsuccessful. she used this recipe in august and it is still useable. 
this is what it really looks like

i 5x the recipe for the amount that i wanted:

*1 cup of flour
*1 cup of water
*1/2 cup of salt
*1 tablespoon vegetable oil
*2 teaspoons cream of tarter
cook on the stove. continually stir until thick. i suggest adding food coloring right in the pot or once it is completely cooled off. it is very sticky and unusable until it is completely cooled off. 
i made mine a week ago and and it works very well. 

have fun!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

growing up

this picture was taken 1 1/2  years ago

yesterday i had to drop off the kids off at their daycare, which i never like. (not because i don't like their classrooms, but because it makes me wish i could spend the day with them). lincoln’s teacher commented on how tall he was getting…nothing wrong with that comment right? well i got into the car and got a little teary eyed. why? because hearing a comment on how tall one of my children are getting is not something i apparently wanted to hear that morning. my babies will be 4 in the fall, and my other two will be 5!
although i am sad about them growing up so quickly. there are a lot of wonderful things as well:
* no more dirty diapers
* a diaper bag isn't needed

* i get to sleep through the night
* no more dirty diapers
*no more acid reflux
* no more frantically looking for a pacifier
* no more dirty diapers
*  they can do chores
* they can dress themselves
* preschoolers say the darnest things
* no more dirty diapers
* no more quad stroller (yup, we had one of those...very heavy)

* they understand humor
* they play nicely together (most of the time)
* no more dirty diapers
* i get to hear i love you all day long
* outings use to revolve around nap schedules
* they have their own opinions (this is both a pro and a con)
* no more dirty diapers
* they see the world with an open mind
* crossing the street isn't nearly as stressful

* getting in and out of the mini van doesn't take 25 minutes . . . it only takes 10 minutes
* no more dirty diapers 
* they are our biggest cheerleaders
* going out to eat is more enjoyable 
* they can swim

* and of course...No MORE DIRTY DIAPERS!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

proud momma

today i witnessed something wonderful. during pick-up today at their preschool, i was in colton and landon's classroom, and a boy twice their size started picking on clayton by ripping a toy that gamma (grandma) bought him today when they went out to lunch. clayton who usually can stand his ground, did not.... this boy is huge compared to my children. landon witnessed the entire thing and took charge by giving him a piece of his mind. i was so proud of landon for using his words, the right words.

as we were walking out i told landon i had to tell him something...since landon was running ahead at the time, he immediately thought he was in trouble.."mom, i was going to stop running and wait here." after telling him i was proud of him for sticking up for his little brother... he responded with, "of course, xxx wasn't making good choices...he can't take things from my brother.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

breakfast for dinner

this is how i like my pancakes

this is how landon likes his

Thursday, April 19, 2012

time for bed.. wish it were that easy

ahhh! go to sleep it is past 9:00 at night! i know you are tired… oh so tired… all four boys are still up and they went to bed almost 2 hours ago.  they must go to bed early because we start our day before the sun wakes up.

my one son in particular, colton needs lots of sleep, or he is a bear in the morning, well i can’t remember the last time he went right to bed… it’s been like a week! and it totally shows in his behavior. he actually said no to me tonight several times.

i tried giving him some chores to do to get him sleepy, and he offered to make daddy a card tomorrow for being extremely difficult during some errands tonight.

wow! i thought, we are totally getting somewhere.   we put him back to bed, and his behavior still continued, so this time i took all his lovies away so that they could go to sleep…
well, this only made him retaliate on his brother, so i removed landon and let him relax on the couch with us. . . i walked into his bedroom and what did i find? a boy sleeping soundly in his bed… nope.. he thought that it would be a good idea to try and take the curtains down… seriously kid, i have had a long week….so what do i do? i don’t want to scream at him… so i take a deep, really deep breath and walk him into the kitchen with his mattress.  why i do this ?. . .  i don’t know?… i think i am hoping that his brother will eventually fall asleep…. so what does he do, you ask? he decides to push his mattress against the wall over and over…. what to do? what to do? i take his mattress away and tell him to get comfortable… then i ask drew to turn off the tv and go upstairs so that it is quiet….

really? is this good parenting, i don’t know…. but i will let you know if it works.  

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

yup...two sets

nope not quads . . . they are two sets of twins

i get asked all the time about my reaction when i found out i was pregnant the second time with twins. well, it wasn’t all that surprising actually. i have actually been pregnant three times with twins! omg i must be fertile mertle! (ummm… yeah, people say that to me all the time, and who is mertle?) I miscarried the first set.

fast forward… sitting in the doctor’s office having an ultrasound with my twin boys barely 4 months old next to us. yup, it is just one baby she says…. “try again!” both my husband and i say at the same time. she is confused, and we point out that she missed it with the last set. we left the first appointment not knowing we were having twins. all of a sudden she starts laughing…. another heartbeat…. let’s all laugh! drew and I do nervous giggles. by the time we walk out the examining room everyone knows. what the hell are we going to do! (secretly I kind of hoped that I was having another set because you know, three’s a crowd. i couldn’t say that aloud, that would be crazy!)

but i will admit i was basically in denial until i was told I needed to stop working about 1 ½ months before they were born…. yeah I knew I was pregnant…. couldn’t miss the basketball hanging out in the front of my stomach. but I did not really think about the true implications of this until that day. i suddenly became very nervous that i was about to have twice the amount of children. the first set were not even 1 yet… oh boy, we were in trouble!

clayton: i miss this age
daddy and his boys on a trip to ri
lincoln: oh how i miss that blong hair

would I go back and change this? no.  the babies bring such joy to my life (i still call them that even though they are 3). life is so exciting for them. they are usually happy children, and of course everything they do it cute… they know it too. . . when I was pregnant i worried that i wouldn’t love them as much because they were not planned. before i was pregnant the second time, i told people that I was ok with having only colton and landon and didn’t need more children. now granted, they were only two months at the time so that was subject to change, and prior to that i always said that i wanted four i guess i got my wish. i remember being on the C-Section table and anxiously waiting to meet them. what was I going to feel? immediately i loved them and all my fears went away.

i wanted to upload baby pictures of them, but since i cannot get to them at this time, these will do..

Monday, April 16, 2012

eating out

i am discovering that my camera phone is fun to play with

eating out is always an adventure with our foursome. over the weekend we went out...i must say, this was probably one of the better experiences. . . . (oh the stories i could tell you). we only took kids to the restroom 5 or 6 times . . . but at least everyone sat nicely, and was happy with their meals.
when we got home drew declared that the new house rule is that we don't get up from the dinner table to go to the bathroom until we are finished....even though i believe that most of the time they do not really have to go pee, but i don't have the heart to tell a preschooler that they can't go to the bathroom.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

goofy photos

                           photo shoot with my android phone 


clayton: mommy don't kiss me


Saturday, April 14, 2012

colton and mommy time

today was rougher than usual. the kids seemed off…. or maybe mommy and daddy were feeling off. after putting off getting my eye-brows done i knew that i needed to get it done today…..just had too, or i just had to get away from four demanding children. since i knew that my husband was feeling just like me, i offered to take colton to help lesson his load. And of course, when I told clayton that i was going to have mommy and colton time.. his response was, buuuutttt mommmy, i need mommy and clayton time too…. there’s the guilt…thanks buddy.

all the way to the mall colton wanted me to explain to him why someone would put hot wax on their face...

not only did we find time to skype with my mom through my phone, but i also got some shopping done . . . even though i probably should have saved my money…i have never been into because i hate to spend money, but two i have no fashion sense, none. lately i have been adding pieces to my wardrobe…. i have learned that i really like to wear dresses and skirts… i haven’t worn pants to work in over a month (i am the person who up until 1 year ago i wore sneakers with dress pants to work)… today i wore shorts, and i felt funny...hay maybe that was my problem today, not the kids! and get this, i have even started painting my toenails! so i just needed to have another skirt so i could show off my toes

colton not only helped me pick out an outfit, but he also tried on a few as well… what a silly goose… i wonder if the picture will be source of embarrassment in the future… i was shocked… he has recently discovered the difference between boy things and girl things… kind of sad actually… he is now at an age where he is being influenced by his peers.

he was so good about mommy trying on several outfits (probably like 8) just to choose one, that i gave him 75 cents to go in one of those silly mall rides. he was super excited, I mean ecstatic . . . until he got on and realized . . .  “that’s it.”  of course he changed his mind about its coolness when he told his brothers about it.

then we went to the hair salon. . . where the hairdresser told me all about how she thinks girls are easier to raise than boys…..even though she has no children. i could be wrong, but i did not get the impression that she wants any in the future… she told me that she based this fact on her observations in the hair salon… ok lady, it is a little more complex than that… now whether or not i agree with her i can’t say . . . i don’t have any daughters nor do i plan on having any more children. i can only tell you how it is to raise my boys.. not the neighbors, or my friends, or someone i might spot walking through the mall.

the day ended with me taking him to the mall playground… poor guy, he was super, duper excited about that too… until he realized that it is not much fun playing on a playground without a brother or three.

on a side note, he fell asleep on the floor tonight…..i guess the excitement of trying on woman’s clothing was just too much for him. but right before he went off to la la land he told me thank you for letting him go on the helicopter ride. . . what a sweet boy.

ps… what i should really be doing right now instead of posting to my blog is working on my reflection paper for my masters class that is due by midnight tomorrow….

Friday, April 13, 2012

after school swim

colton wasn't "feeling" the pool

clayton and landon

lincoln getting ready to jump in his silly goggles!

i love these boys

Sunday, April 8, 2012

happy easter

clayton checking out his stickers

an attempt at a family photo(  fyi: we don't have many). this is actually the best one out of 5 or 6 different shots.
landon counting all of his eggs

toy guns?

we decided a long time ago, well at least four years ago, that we would not allow our boys to play with guns. it seemed like an easy decision at the time, but it has proven to be very difficult to stick with. every time we go to someone’s house they all seem to have toy guns, and we are constantly explaining to the boys that we don’t play with guns…it’s more like mommy and daddy don’t play with guns. the boys have managed to turn almost any toy, straw, stick, and their hand into a gun…bam, bam! today we went to a birthday party, and guess what was in the piƱata? squirt guns! every single child at that party, and some parents were squirting each other except my boys..i felt terribly bad for them, but since i know how their dad feels about it, i stood my ground.. well kind of, i told them to put them in the bag and ask daddy when they got home. let him be the bad guy. since the three year olds were not there, colton managed to grab two extra for his brothers…how sweet, right….well this made me feel even more guilty of course. landon even told me that it is not dangerous and it only squirts water, and colton of course agreed with his brother’s logic.
really though, i highly doubt that there is any evidence that boys who play with squirt guns are more aggressive than boys that don’t. i also struggle with suddenly allowing them to play with them since we already told them no…i don’t want to raise them to believe that something is ok just because everyone else is doing it.
but, drew and i did decide that they are just “squirt guns” and eventually they will be allowed to play with them.

My little firemen

happy good friday! after a rainstorm that left us without power, colton suggested that we go outside with our rubber boots and fire coats to put out some fires. what a great idea!

"Mommy, I didn't drown!"

since it is spring break, we have spent a lot of time at the pool this week. yay, for living in a community with a pool. lincoln recently learned to swim, and colton and landon have known for some time now. before today, clayton thought every time he got in the pool he was close to drowning. he always told people, that he can't swim because he almost drowns. his story is that whoever is in the pool with him almost makes him drown. in case you are wondering, my story is that he has never come close to downing. today he watched as his three brothers were racing in the pool. clayton decided that he would be charge of saying, go!!! since of course, he might drown if he races. i knew that he really wanted to swim, but was so, so, afraid. finally he told me that he was ready to swim. his whole body was shaking with fear. he instructed me to take him inches away from the ladder and let i did. when he came up, he triumphantly announced, "mommy, i didn't drown! i can swim!" by the end of the day i was throwing him into the pool and he was swimming to get out. i am so proud of this little boy that got over his fear of swimming.