Saturday, April 14, 2012

colton and mommy time

today was rougher than usual. the kids seemed off…. or maybe mommy and daddy were feeling off. after putting off getting my eye-brows done i knew that i needed to get it done today…..just had too, or i just had to get away from four demanding children. since i knew that my husband was feeling just like me, i offered to take colton to help lesson his load. And of course, when I told clayton that i was going to have mommy and colton time.. his response was, buuuutttt mommmy, i need mommy and clayton time too…. there’s the guilt…thanks buddy.

all the way to the mall colton wanted me to explain to him why someone would put hot wax on their face...

not only did we find time to skype with my mom through my phone, but i also got some shopping done . . . even though i probably should have saved my money…i have never been into because i hate to spend money, but two i have no fashion sense, none. lately i have been adding pieces to my wardrobe…. i have learned that i really like to wear dresses and skirts… i haven’t worn pants to work in over a month (i am the person who up until 1 year ago i wore sneakers with dress pants to work)… today i wore shorts, and i felt funny...hay maybe that was my problem today, not the kids! and get this, i have even started painting my toenails! so i just needed to have another skirt so i could show off my toes

colton not only helped me pick out an outfit, but he also tried on a few as well… what a silly goose… i wonder if the picture will be source of embarrassment in the future… i was shocked… he has recently discovered the difference between boy things and girl things… kind of sad actually… he is now at an age where he is being influenced by his peers.

he was so good about mommy trying on several outfits (probably like 8) just to choose one, that i gave him 75 cents to go in one of those silly mall rides. he was super excited, I mean ecstatic . . . until he got on and realized . . .  “that’s it.”  of course he changed his mind about its coolness when he told his brothers about it.

then we went to the hair salon. . . where the hairdresser told me all about how she thinks girls are easier to raise than boys…..even though she has no children. i could be wrong, but i did not get the impression that she wants any in the future… she told me that she based this fact on her observations in the hair salon… ok lady, it is a little more complex than that… now whether or not i agree with her i can’t say . . . i don’t have any daughters nor do i plan on having any more children. i can only tell you how it is to raise my boys.. not the neighbors, or my friends, or someone i might spot walking through the mall.

the day ended with me taking him to the mall playground… poor guy, he was super, duper excited about that too… until he realized that it is not much fun playing on a playground without a brother or three.

on a side note, he fell asleep on the floor tonight…..i guess the excitement of trying on woman’s clothing was just too much for him. but right before he went off to la la land he told me thank you for letting him go on the helicopter ride. . . what a sweet boy.

ps… what i should really be doing right now instead of posting to my blog is working on my reflection paper for my masters class that is due by midnight tomorrow….

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