Saturday, April 28, 2012

growing up

this picture was taken 1 1/2  years ago

yesterday i had to drop off the kids off at their daycare, which i never like. (not because i don't like their classrooms, but because it makes me wish i could spend the day with them). lincoln’s teacher commented on how tall he was getting…nothing wrong with that comment right? well i got into the car and got a little teary eyed. why? because hearing a comment on how tall one of my children are getting is not something i apparently wanted to hear that morning. my babies will be 4 in the fall, and my other two will be 5!
although i am sad about them growing up so quickly. there are a lot of wonderful things as well:
* no more dirty diapers
* a diaper bag isn't needed

* i get to sleep through the night
* no more dirty diapers
*no more acid reflux
* no more frantically looking for a pacifier
* no more dirty diapers
*  they can do chores
* they can dress themselves
* preschoolers say the darnest things
* no more dirty diapers
* no more quad stroller (yup, we had one of those...very heavy)

* they understand humor
* they play nicely together (most of the time)
* no more dirty diapers
* i get to hear i love you all day long
* outings use to revolve around nap schedules
* they have their own opinions (this is both a pro and a con)
* no more dirty diapers
* they see the world with an open mind
* crossing the street isn't nearly as stressful

* getting in and out of the mini van doesn't take 25 minutes . . . it only takes 10 minutes
* no more dirty diapers 
* they are our biggest cheerleaders
* going out to eat is more enjoyable 
* they can swim

* and of course...No MORE DIRTY DIAPERS!!

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