Thursday, April 26, 2012

proud momma

today i witnessed something wonderful. during pick-up today at their preschool, i was in colton and landon's classroom, and a boy twice their size started picking on clayton by ripping a toy that gamma (grandma) bought him today when they went out to lunch. clayton who usually can stand his ground, did not.... this boy is huge compared to my children. landon witnessed the entire thing and took charge by giving him a piece of his mind. i was so proud of landon for using his words, the right words.

as we were walking out i told landon i had to tell him something...since landon was running ahead at the time, he immediately thought he was in trouble.."mom, i was going to stop running and wait here." after telling him i was proud of him for sticking up for his little brother... he responded with, "of course, xxx wasn't making good choices...he can't take things from my brother.

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