Thursday, April 19, 2012

time for bed.. wish it were that easy

ahhh! go to sleep it is past 9:00 at night! i know you are tired… oh so tired… all four boys are still up and they went to bed almost 2 hours ago.  they must go to bed early because we start our day before the sun wakes up.

my one son in particular, colton needs lots of sleep, or he is a bear in the morning, well i can’t remember the last time he went right to bed… it’s been like a week! and it totally shows in his behavior. he actually said no to me tonight several times.

i tried giving him some chores to do to get him sleepy, and he offered to make daddy a card tomorrow for being extremely difficult during some errands tonight.

wow! i thought, we are totally getting somewhere.   we put him back to bed, and his behavior still continued, so this time i took all his lovies away so that they could go to sleep…
well, this only made him retaliate on his brother, so i removed landon and let him relax on the couch with us. . . i walked into his bedroom and what did i find? a boy sleeping soundly in his bed… nope.. he thought that it would be a good idea to try and take the curtains down… seriously kid, i have had a long week….so what do i do? i don’t want to scream at him… so i take a deep, really deep breath and walk him into the kitchen with his mattress.  why i do this ?. . .  i don’t know?… i think i am hoping that his brother will eventually fall asleep…. so what does he do, you ask? he decides to push his mattress against the wall over and over…. what to do? what to do? i take his mattress away and tell him to get comfortable… then i ask drew to turn off the tv and go upstairs so that it is quiet….

really? is this good parenting, i don’t know…. but i will let you know if it works.  

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  1. Getting kids to sleep does seem to be the biggest challenge. When I had friends sleep over, it was more fun to talk all night rather than sleep. Twins seems to be the same thing as when we were kids!