Tuesday, April 17, 2012

yup...two sets

nope not quads . . . they are two sets of twins

i get asked all the time about my reaction when i found out i was pregnant the second time with twins. well, it wasn’t all that surprising actually. i have actually been pregnant three times with twins! omg i must be fertile mertle! (ummm… yeah, people say that to me all the time, and who is mertle?) I miscarried the first set.

fast forward… sitting in the doctor’s office having an ultrasound with my twin boys barely 4 months old next to us. yup, it is just one baby she says…. “try again!” both my husband and i say at the same time. she is confused, and we point out that she missed it with the last set. we left the first appointment not knowing we were having twins. all of a sudden she starts laughing…. another heartbeat…. let’s all laugh! drew and I do nervous giggles. by the time we walk out the examining room everyone knows. what the hell are we going to do! (secretly I kind of hoped that I was having another set because you know, three’s a crowd. i couldn’t say that aloud, that would be crazy!)

but i will admit i was basically in denial until i was told I needed to stop working about 1 ½ months before they were born…. yeah I knew I was pregnant…. couldn’t miss the basketball hanging out in the front of my stomach. but I did not really think about the true implications of this until that day. i suddenly became very nervous that i was about to have twice the amount of children. the first set were not even 1 yet… oh boy, we were in trouble!

clayton: i miss this age
daddy and his boys on a trip to ri
lincoln: oh how i miss that blong hair

would I go back and change this? no.  the babies bring such joy to my life (i still call them that even though they are 3). life is so exciting for them. they are usually happy children, and of course everything they do it cute… they know it too. . . when I was pregnant i worried that i wouldn’t love them as much because they were not planned. before i was pregnant the second time, i told people that I was ok with having only colton and landon and didn’t need more children. now granted, they were only two months at the time so that was subject to change, and prior to that i always said that i wanted four kids....so i guess i got my wish. i remember being on the C-Section table and anxiously waiting to meet them. what was I going to feel? immediately i loved them and all my fears went away.

i wanted to upload baby pictures of them, but since i cannot get to them at this time, these will do..

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