Thursday, May 10, 2012

busch gardens with preschoolers

i really don't like this picture - but since this is my blog i should really have some pictures of myself
my little news anchors
my dad and his wife met us in tampa last weekend. we had a family vacation. on sunday we went to mosi. if you are ever in tampa stop here. there are things to do for all ages. i wish i had more photos, but taking photos is something that i have to do consciously - and yet i have a blog. (but remember, i said i was committed - yes i know i haven't done a good job at keeping up - but i am trying). 

the first thing we did was go to the imax theater. at first i thought we were going to have to leave - it was a bit intense for little boys who have never been to a movie theater let alone an imax theater. we watched "flying monsters" (dinosaurs). at one point colton asked if he was inside the movie. my dad not helping replied, "kind of." colton whined, "bbuutt i don't want want to be in the movie."

on monday we went to busch gardens . that place is pretty awesome - with 4 kids we can totally go back and have different experience. we didn't even get through half the park. i can't account where all the time when. i was sad we had to go, but with a 2 1/2 hour drive we had to leave around 4. good thing we have season passes. i can't wait to go back.
 it was hard to leave because none of the kids wanted to - so we kind of told a white lie. 
drew told them that we were going on one more ride - but it was near the entrance. the kids got excited. we boarded the trolly. the kids got a little upset, so drew told them that we were on the last ride - the best ride of all - the trolly to the car. everyone on the tram howled with laughter - that is, everyone except the boys. they did not find it amusing.

this was a moment i will remember- every time eggs went around the boys would talk to each other

my recommendation is to go on a monday. we hardly waited in any lines - except during lunch. at 12:30 everyone decided to eat at the same time. people came out of nowhere. i guess everyone was craving bbq the same time we were. another recommendation is to pack a lunch. we brought a cooler backpack for the kiddos. this allowed the kids to eat and drink whenever they wanted. next time we will bring our own lunches to save money. cause, boy is the food expensive!

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