Sunday, May 27, 2012

camping out with twins

landon catching dinner
colton on the left....landon on the right

it's a full moon tonight

daddy builds the best campfires

can't go camping without s'mores

colton watching the night sky

oh no! it is starting to rain!

living in southwest florida we missed the optimal time to go outdoor camping without sweating  . . . we decided that the boys would camp indoors. 
after learning that the little boys were going to be sleeping at gamma's for the night, landon told me before school on friday that we were going to do something special that night.. something we have never done before. . . he told me to think it over during the day and to let him know what we would be doing when i picked him up at school in the that is what i did

8:00: time for bed
8:30: mommy lays with them
8:35: colton: it's hard to fall asleep in a tent
9:00: colton is asleep
9:20: landon: "mommy this is scary."
9:45: both boys asleep, i sneak upstairs
12:00: i wake up to landon crying.. it is thunder and lightening out for real. i lay with the boys
1:00: i sneak back upstairs
1:30: i wake up to both boys in my bed
1:45: i have no room so i go sleep in the tent
5:30: "mommy, i'm hungry!"
6:00: eating breakfast while both boys tell me how fun it was to camp out.

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