Sunday, May 13, 2012

mother's day with 4 little men and a husband

so i am best at turning the tv. that's too funny because now that we have roku i have no idea how to turn on the television

me: landon, i don't know how to cook donuts. 
landon: i know, i just wish you knew how to cook them for me. 
i love this! the picture in the middle is actually a pin. which of course, i wore proudly all day

from clayton

spring 2012 school picture
a conversation from this morning went like this:

colton: i don't want to go the beach

me: it's mother's day so we are doing what i want to do today.

a long pause for several seconds . . . 

colton: when it is little boys' day i think we should do what i want to do

ps: everyone including my husband, who hates sand by the way, at a blast.

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