Thursday, June 7, 2012

kids and boogers

bROTHERLY lOVE: top taken may 2012, bottom taken feb. 2012

as a kindergarten teacher i see kids pick their noses all day. my favorite nose-picking story is:

student: can you hold my hand?
me:  no, i just saw you pick your nose
student lifts other hand and says: but i didn’t pick my nose with this hand.

it would be a lie if i said that i haven’t ever seen my boys pick their noses. lincoln has discovered that he likes to eat his boogers. the kid won’t eat pizza, but he’ll eat boogers…i just don’t get it.
tonight we were sitting at the dinner table, and of course lincoln is watching the rest of us eat (this kid rarely eats, and yet he weighs more than the rest of his brothers – i don’t get that either) and drew catches him eat a booger.

one of us says: oh no! that booger is going to turn into a worm in your belly. lincoln of course starts laughing. using my most serious face i tell him that last night when he was sleeping i noticed something moving around in his belly so i opened his belly button and pulled the worm out. 

this kid wasn’t sure if he should believe us or not, so daddy tells him to look at his belly button. the crease in his button is where i had to sew it closed.
his eyes grow big! really big!
all four boys look down at their bellies and notice that they all look exactly the same.

landon: this must be from when i was a baby because i don’t eat boogers anymore. . . right… right.. right mommy.

drew tells lincoln that only way to kill the worm is to eat applesauce and drink milk.
i have never seen that kid scoop food in his mouth so quickly. after every bite he looked down at his stomach.

afterwards, we tell him to stand up so we can check his belly.

daddy: i think i see a line in on his belly….

lincoln’s eyes start popping out of his head.

all of a sudden we hear a deep breath and a child start to panic….

get it out! get it out of lincoln!! i don’t want lincoln to have a worm in his belly! tears are streaming down clayton’s face as he expresses concern for his brother.

tonight while putting them to bed..
clayton: mommy, ummm.. mommy.. does, does lincoln have a worm in his belly?

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