Saturday, June 23, 2012

kids and a rainy day

does the rain put anyone else is a dull mood? yesterday it rained all day, and i really did not feel like doing a thing. a lazy day is what was in store for me – or so I that is what i wanted.  

the boys were all getting restless. no one was getting along, and to be honest i just wasn’t on my “A” game. playing candyland 6 times in a row wasn’t on the top of my list of fun. 

we made a fort in their room – well I made it, and they watched. i thought it came out pretty good. as soon as I left the room, they “fixed” it. i swear i wasn’t offended, but mine was better.

baking  was fun, but messy.

some of the boys went outside with their rubber boots and raincoats to play.. five minutes later they were covered in dirt and had enough “fun.”

after telling them for the zillionth time to stop jumping on the couch, i took them to the…. mall playground. 
I was there with the rest of the town to play in the indoor playground. as my boys ran around like wild monkeys, i looked around at all the faces of the other parents. some were on their phones, and some were yelling at their kids to play nice. but most were just sitting with blank stares. what were they all thinking about?

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