Wednesday, June 6, 2012

preschoolers and their arguments

clayton: mommy, what are we going to do today?

me: going to school.

clayton: I rather go to the jungle… mommy, can we go to the jungle instead?

before I could answer… 
colton jumps in: no! the jungle is too far and we don’t all fit in a plane. we have too many people in our family!

I told him that we can’t fly because we have a big family. he thinks the reason we haven’t been on a plane is because they don’t make planes big enough for us..

clayton: bUT i wANT tO gO tO tHE jUNNNNNGGGLLLLLE!

landon: starts whinning… i don’t wannnntttt to go to the jungle!!! there are lions!

lincoln: how about tigers? can we ride them!

clayton: i like tigers. i won’t be scared. mommy can we go?

colton: no, we have to go to school clayton!

landon: i don’t like the jungle

clayton and lincoln: i do!

the kids argued over whether we could go to the jungle or not for several minutes.

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