Saturday, June 16, 2012

smiley chart

 in one of my first posts i talked about the decision to let the boys use water guns. in another post i wrote about the difficulty of trying to get the older boys to sleep at night. and something i haven’t posted about what dealing with clayton’s hot head. he does not always have nice hands with his brothers. 

so i came up with the perfect solution…ok not perfect.. nothing is guaranteed with parenting…nothing.
the three boys have a smiley chart (yes i am a kindergarten teacher). when colton and landon get 7 smileys in a row  for going right to sleep they get water guns. if they get a sad face they have to start all over. well we are now on our third shot at getting 7.

clayton on the other hand gets a smiley face at the end of the day if he makes good choices when his brothers bother him…he has had to start over as well.

lincoln . . .  well, he is going to have to wait till he has someone to play with.

perfect? far from it? thought i would give it a shot. we will keep this up for a little while then move onto something else.

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