Tuesday, July 3, 2012

kids questions about god

found on google images: but come from the book children's letters to God      

last summer while in the car landon told me he saw God in the clouds. i asked him if Jesus was with him. landon's responded, "no, he wasn't there. . . .i think he was at work."

another time clayton’s balloon slipped through his hands. of course he was crying. colton shouted, “tell god to give clayton back his balloon!” later he asked, “why does god want clayton’s balloon, is he having a party?” 

how do you explain god to kids? or rather, how do i? i am the last person to ask. i grew up a non-practicing catholic.. you know the type. the type that only went to church for palm Sunday and easter sunday. we didn’t even go Christmas eve.. yeah, i went to catechism, but all i remember learning is everyone is a sinner, jesus died for us, and nuns and priests don’t marry. 


the questions are becoming more thoughtful, and the answers are getting more tricky

to be continued…