Sunday, September 30, 2012

five years and four preschoolers

Five years ago today I was pregnant with twins. This meant that I had little time before I would become a mom.

Four years ago today I had two 11 month olds in my arms and two babies in my tummy. This meant little room to breath.

Three years ago today I had four babies in diapers. This meant little room in my smelly garbage can.

Two years ago today I had four toddlers
vying for my attention and trying to cuddle at the same time. This meant little space on the couch cushion.

One year ago today I had four little boys whining and bickering every ten minutes or so. This meant little time for peace.

 Today they don't need me to carry them, they all use the potty, my garbage can doesn't smell, they are often too busy to cuddle, we don't all fit comfortably on the couch, and they are all best friends.

Landon, Lincoln, Colton, and Clayton

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  1. awwwwww this little piece of article is so touching...cant imagine my baby girl starting school and being too busy for my cuddles...
    gotta say, you are a great mum and a very tough women, tammy.