Sunday, January 13, 2013

busch gardens in the middle of winter

our season passes to busch gardens expired on the 31st so we decided to make a trip on the 29th to get in one last time of fun. 

we looked like northern tourists. . . totally underdressed. most people bundled up. not us, i am the idiot who dressed her kids in short sleeves and shorts. clayton was even in a tank top.

needless to say, mommy and daddy were the only ones who froze. the boys didn't complain once while they were in the park. as soon as they got in the parking lot, well that is another story. 

the heat went on as soon as the key was in the car.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

five year old atitude

so i am not sure if i should post this.....not a good sign it i start with i am not sure if i should post this. 
i am not sure if it'll make me sound like a crappy mom who has a bratty kid, but here goes. . . 

picture this...
in the car with four boys getting ready to get out to go in the post office. landon announces that he'll wait in the car. i tell him no, and somehow the conversation leads to me telling them that if anyone ever tries to take them to start screaming that he or she isn't their daddy or mommy. . . and i told him that it is ok to punch and bite the perp. . . 

seconds later. . . in the post office and trying to address some envelopes ... shoot i should have done this beforehand... but i didn't.

at the same time, the boys are bouncing off the walls. landon is the worst. he is putting his fingers in things and pressing buttons on the stamp machine.. after the millionth time of telling him to stop I walk over and pull his hand away. . . .

he looks at me with the nastiest stink eye (and a little hidden smirk that only i can see) and screams loudly.... MOOOOMMMM! STOP PUNCHING ME! 

of course it is a very busy time of day, or of course everyone stops to look at me. the little shit..

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

time for blogging

wow! it has been a crazy couple of months! at the beginning of december the boys (colton and landon) performed in the nutcracker. i was super excited for them, and proud too.