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ever wish you could just grab a hold of time and bring it to a halting stop? or at least slow it down? since I don’t have magical powers that i know of i can’t do either of those things, so i decided that i would commit myself to blogging (i  had a short lived blog once but it was well, short lived). this time i am committed to making this blog work. why you ask? or do you even care to ask? because i want to use this as a journal that not only i can go back and remember these times, but also my four boys can go back and read this someday… so i will try and keep my bitching to a minimum and stay positive.

in case anyone besides myself is reading this, here goes. i got married and acquired a dog in ’03, and in ’07 we had a set of twin boys. 11 months later in ’08 we had another set of twin boys…. yup that’s right, two sets of twins..and yes they are all boys. (i'll tell you about that some other time) so as you can probably guess i am outnumbered. i work as an elementary school teacher and have little time for myself, never mind blogging… but like i said before, i am committed.

my growing two sets of twins

Colton age 4
Landon age 4
Lincoln age 3
Clayton age 3

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