i teach kindergarten and after 3 attempts to finishing my master’s degree i will be finished in may.. yahoo! i get super excited when i get a new cookbook. i am addicted to angry birds – although i am now at a stopping point because i can’t figure out how to get past the level that i am on.
as you could probably guess from my "about this blog" page i am having a hard time with my kids growing up. . . but i assure you that i am not one of those moms that smothers her children. i am a strong believer in that we raise our children to become independent, functioning adults... i don't want my 30 year old sons living with me some day. no thank you. . .
but i always envisioned myself as a stay at home mom... yes i know, i am a teacher and i am lucky that i have vacations and holidays off to spend with my kids, but i feel like i have one shot at this..and someday they will be gone.. i wish i was home with them full time, but i not. so i make sure i appreciate the times i do have with them.

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